Important: Firebase Hosting supports Cloud Functions in us-central1 only. Firebase Hosting is such a service and therefore cannot do back-end processing. This PR modifies the 'firebase serve' command to not only run a local hosting server, but to also serve up HTTPS functions locally (other function trigger types coming later). It makes use of the Google Cloud Functions Emulator Make sure that: For example, to direct all requests from the page /bigben on your Hosting site to execute the bigben function: "hosting": { … You have the latest version of the Firebase CLI.

Step 3: Direct hosting requests to your function Step 1: Set up Cloud Functions Traditionally hosted SPAs use static resources on a CDN as mentioned earlier. Open /functions/index.js in your favorite editor. Iam trying to create a Dynamic page using cloud functions, but when i serve using cli in local, Iam getting the index.html page from public folder. Step 2: Create an HTTP function to your Hosting site Dynamic Content with Firebase Hosting & Cloud Functions. Browse The Most Popular 20 Firebase Functions Open Source Projects

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