Oracle contains 3 Modes (4 Including Restrict) 1. Re: startup mount in RMAN script 527659 Jan 29, 2007 5:33 PM ( in response to happy10319 ) You need to write below mentioned commands outside RMAN shutdown immediate startup mount Then in RMAN: RUN { RESTORE DATABASE; RECOVER DATABASE; } Then you can mention within RMAn or outside RMAN : ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS; If you issue the startup command, then Oracle will automatically move onto the next stage of the startup, the mount stage. No datafiles are mounted. in this mode only dba can access full database.. Startup nomount: This command is Useful for two purpose. Startup open Startup mount Startup no mount. If you specify EXCLUSIVE (the default), then the database can only be mounted and opened by the current instance. At our Founder to Founder event in San Francisco, Larry Ellison thanked a group of entrepreneurs from Oracle's startup program for delivering fresh solutions for Oracle and our customers. The Oracle docs note that there is a change in the logging of the command starting in 10g release 2: SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE Database closed. Scale with Oracle. Startup innovation has the power to change how business gets done. Anyways in your scenario, both approaches are same. Lets take a look at the different OPEN_MODES in Oracle and Analyse what happens at every step. Startup mount: This command is Useful to bring the database into the mount state.This mode is Useful for recovery of the database. ORACLE instance shut down. SQL> STARTUP NOMOUNT PFILE=C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\HARRY\pfile\init.ora.5182011155654 ORACLE instance … Startup Mount: We can start a DB and mount a database without opening it, allowing us to perform specific maintenance operation. Starting the Oracle Instance (Nomount Stage) There are some types of Oracle recovery operations that require the database to be in nomount stage. Database dismounted. If your Oracle server allows multiple instances to access a single database concurrently (Oracle Parallel Server option), choose whether to mount the database exclusively or in parallel.

1:To create A New database 2:To create new control file to the existing database. 2. Difference between Oracle Startup Nomount,Mount and Open What is the difference between Oracle Nomount,Mount and open? In practice, most DBA's do not use the startup force command, in favor of issuing the manual shutdown abort and the startup command.

The database instance has three types of startup stages: Startup Nomount: This phase is used to create control files and database.

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