This is about reducing input latency which can, depending on the game, help foster game play and immersion that was intended by the developer. If all monitors are on it works fine. Image sharpening started with AMD and is now available for both red and green team GPU owners, and anti-lag technologies have become common place too. AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT might not be as powerful as Nvidia RTX 2070 Super but it definitely destroys Nvidia GPU with its Anti-lag.

Anti-lag is supported in DX11 on all AMD GPUs.

Hey there, For quite a while now, I have been using a Laptop with built in AMD Graphics without the drivers. Radeon Anti-Lag feature in Radeon™ Software is intended to help decrease input lag in GPU-limited cases. AMDs Radeon Anti-Lag … As a very competitive (ex-semipro) gamer, as small as some of the input lag reductions are, anything is appreciated, as milliseconds here and milliseconds there, they all add up. I'm aware chill may reduce input lag but it just doesn't work with anti-lag so I haven't tried it yet. AMD Radeon Anti-Lag. Radeon Boost is something a … One of those features is Radeon Image Sharpening and there's also have Radeon Anti-Lag -- that will be subject to investigation in a future article. Some speculation about the presentation of Radeon Anti-Lag: Assuming the first figures show the very high end of input latency you can expect with triple buffer v-sync at 60 fps: two frames for the buffers and showing the frame shortly before the third buffer is full would result in 17ms*3=51 ms input lag.

Radeon Image Sharpening which directly targets Nvidia's DLSS, and Radeon Anti-Lag to reduce input lag while gaming. Radeon Anti-Lag contrôle le rythme de travail du CPU pour s'assurer de limiter son avance par rapport au GPU, en réduisant le nombre de tâches mises en file d'attente. I reformatted with Windows 7, now it will only lag if a monitor is turned off. AMD Radeon Anti-Lag ist eine reine Software-Lösung und kann weitestgehend mit allen GPUs und APUs von AMD verwendet werden. If you have any other optimization tips don't be shy. No, it didn't change flip queue size in the registry. Because of one simple reason, with the latest drivers available to me I get insane display and mouse lag. I checked the registry on that one. If I use my TV connected to my PC it will lag all the time no matter what.
Support for DX9 games is a Navi-only feature. Radeon Anti Lag This is not about smooth game play.Nor is it about monitor refresh rates.

DX12 games are not currently supported due to dramatically different implementation requirements in that API.

RS-295 - AMD Radeon Anti-Lag Performance - Testing conducted by AMD Performance Labs as of June 4th, 2019 on the 8GB Radeon™ RX 5700, using a test system comprising of Intel i7 9700K CPU (3.6 GHz), 16GB DDR4-3200MHz memory, and Windows 10x64 with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition …
A卡抗延迟技术,An..Radeon Anti-Lag的目的有且只有一个,就是降低你的输入延迟,在某些竞技游戏中特别有用。这个技术适用于所有的DX11游戏,也就是说市面上绝大多数较新的主流游戏都能开启。如果你 …

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