Runtime error is quite common, and you might have experienced it while working on the computer. I have added them for you this time because you are a new member. Guide to VBA 1004 Error. This is usually handled by unprotecting in the VBA code and Re-Protect again like the following.

Your first suggestion errored out on the last line, but the 2nd code snippet worked perfectly. What i'm trying to tell you is that, that the Select method is not required, even with PasteSpecial method.Select method starts several events, among others: OnScreenUpdating, which causes the time of code execution is going slow down. The workbooks I'm working with come from people all over the globe in many intertesting formats! Thanks! Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. Common causes of the Excel Runtime Error 1004 are VBA and Excel Macro. I have 6 workbooks open and I'm using the value derived in my VBA code to perform the VLookup in a one of the other workbooks I have open. Note that I assigned the password to a Constant at the top of the module so that if you want to change the password then you only need to do so in one place. I'm using variables that contain the values representing the name of the workbook, the name of the sheet, the name of the range. She writes tech blogs and expertise on MS Office, Excel, and other tech subjects. Hello All, I'm new to VBA and I keep getting Run-time error '1004' in the following portion of code. With Sheets("NSW") .Range("A2:B" & .Range("B2").End(xlDown).Row).Sort _ Key1:=.Range("B2"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo ; End With Rule #3 requires code tags. Here we discussed Excel VBA Runtime Error 1004 along with practical examples and downloadable excel template. Set xl = CreateObject("Excel.Application") xl.Workbooks.Open ("\\SERVER\general\Documents\!Management\VBA_Templates_do_not_modify\HAZARDS.xlsm") Margret Arthur is an entrepreneur & content marketing expert. --6StringJazzer Please see my answer to find out that the Select method is not required when you use 'contextual code'.

Worksheet_Change is the name for sheet's event procedure - if you wanted the code to run every time you update Sheet2, then place Worksheet_Change code in VBA module of Sheet2. Additionally, some scammers may try to identify themselves as a Microsoft … Moderator's note: Please take the time to review our rules.There aren't many, and they are all important. Run-time Error 1004 appears with message Application-defined or object-defined. Private Sub Command21_Click() Dim xl As Object 'Step 1: Start Excel, then open the target workbook.

I've noted below where the error occurs.

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